Why Did Apple Remove My Photo Stream?

If you’re an iPhone user who loves capturing and sharing precious moments through photos, you may have noticed a feature called Photo Stream on your device.

However, with recent iOS updates, you might be wondering, Why Did Apple Remove My Photo Stream?

Fear not, as we delve into this perplexing situation and shed light on the changes that have occurred.

Why Did Apple Remove Photo Stream?

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Apple’s choice to get rid of Photo Stream was mostly about making things easier for users.

With Shared Albums, the company put all of the photo-sharing features into a single service that works better as a whole.

Also, the iCloud Photos tool now includes all the features of Photo Stream and more, making it easier to share photos.

What Happens to My Existing Photo Stream?

Don’t worry if you had pictures in your Photo Stream before you updated to iOS 13; they haven’t been lost forever.

All the photos you already had in Photo Stream have been moved immediately to a new folder called “All Photos” in the Photos app. You can be sure that your most important memories are safe.

Why is There No Photo Stream On My iPhone?

At one time, Photo Stream was one of the most important features on iPhones. It let users see their most recent photos on all of their linked devices.

But when Apple released iOS 8 in 2014, the “My Photo Stream” feature replaced Photo Stream.

This new feature worked the same way as the old one, but it had some changes, like the ability to store up to 30 days’ worth of photos and the ability to work with more devices.

Where is My Photo Stream On iPhone?

Don’t worry if you can’t find “Photo Stream” on your iPhone. It’s been replaced by “My Photo Stream.” Follow these steps to get to it:

How To Turn On My Photo Stream On iPhone?

Most iPhones have “My Photo Stream” turned on by default. But if you find that it’s turned off, here’s how to turn it back on:

  • Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap “Photos.”
  • Find “My Photo Stream” in the “Photos” settings and flip the switch to “On” to turn it on.

What Happens If I Turn Off Photo Stream On My iPhone?

Several things you should know if you decide to turn off “My Photo Stream” on your iPhone:

No Automatic Photo Sync: If you turn off this feature, new photos you take won’t be automatically synced and made visible on other connected devices.

Photos Stay on Device: The pictures that were in “My Photo Stream” when you turned it off will stay on your device. But there won’t be any more pictures added to the stream.

How Do I Enable Photo Stream On My iPhone?

As was already said, “My Photo Stream” has taken the place of “Photo Stream.” You can’t turn on the old Photo Stream because of this.

You can instead turn on “My Photo Stream” by following the steps above.

Does iPhone Still Have a Photo Stream?

In recent iOS updates, Apple got rid of the “My Photo Stream” feature, so newer devices can’t use it anymore.

Instead, Apple now tells users to use the “Photos” tab in the “Shared” section, iCloud Photos, or other third-party cloud services to sync and share pictures across devices.

How Do I Restore Photo Stream On iPhone?

Since “My Photo Stream” has replaced “Photo Stream,” you can’t go back to the old form.

It’s best to use iCloud Photos or other cloud-based solutions to keep all of your Apple devices in sync so you can easily handle your photos.


It’s not a big deal that Photo Stream is going away from iPhones. Apple has updated “My Photo Stream” with new features that make it easier to sync photos across devices.

Accepting the new changes will make it easier for you to handle your photos and keep your most important memories safe.


Q1: Is Photo Stream still available on iPhones?

No, Photo Stream has been replaced by “My Photo Stream,” which is also not available on newer devices. Users are instead told to use iCloud Photos or other cloud-based services.

Q2: Can I enable the old Photo Stream on my iPhone?

No, the old Photo Stream is no longer available, and you can’t turn it on with your iPhone. Instead, if “My Photo Stream” is available on your device, you can use that.

Q3: How do I access “My Photo Stream” on my iPhone?

To get to “My Photo Stream,” open the “Photos” app on your iPhone, go to the “Albums” tab, and scroll down until you see “My Photo Stream.”

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