If You Unfriend Someone On Snapchat, Will You Keep Your Streak?

Are you curious about the negative effects of unfriending someone on Snapchat? Do you want to know if your streaks will still be intact?

These inquiries frequently perplex passionate Snapchatters. We’re here to provide some light on this topic.

So, if you’re asking, If you unfriend someone on Snapchat, will you keep your streak? the answer is both simple and interesting.

Read on for a detailed explanation of how Snapchat streaks operate and what happens to them when you unfriend someone.

If You Unfriend Someone On Snapchat, Will You Keep Your Streak?


Yes, you can keep your Snapchat running even if you stop being friends with someone.

Streaks mostly show how many days in a row you and a friend have sent each other snaps.

Even if you stop being friends with someone, you can still keep the streak going as long as you keep giving each other pictures within the 24-hour window.

However, the run will end if the other person stops sending snaps. Just remember that to keep a streak, both people have to send hits back and forth.

If You Unadd Someone On Snapchat Do You Lose Your Saved Chats?

If you stop being friends with someone on Snapchat, your saved chats with that person won’t go away immediately.

When you remove a friend, they can no longer see your private stories or find you on the Snap Map.

Your saved texts and history of chats with the person will stay the same unless you delete them yourself.

This means that you can still see the talks you had with them before you took them off your list of friends.

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If I Block And Unblock Someone On Snapchat, Will We Still Have Our Streak?

If you block someone on Snapchat and then unblock them, it might break your run with that person.

Streaks on Snapchat show how many days in a row you and a friend have sent each other snaps.

If you block someone, you can’t talk to them or send them snaps anymore. This could cause you to lose your record.

When you unblock the person, you will be able to talk to them again, but it might not immediately bring back your streak.

People know that Snapchat’s streak system has rules and algorithms that decide whether a streak stays or goes away.

If blocking caused a big enough break in the streak, it might not be possible to get the streak back even after unblocking.

If you blocked someone and then unblocked them, the best way to keep your streak is to start snapping with them as soon as possible after you unblocked them.

But there is no promise that the streak will be brought back because Snapchat’s algorithm for streaks can be complicated and isn’t always clear to users.

If You Delete Someone From Snapchat Do They Get Notified If You Add Them Back?

When you delete someone from your Snapchat friend list, they won’t receive a direct notification that you’ve removed them. The act of deletion is relatively discreet.

They might notice, though, that they can’t see your Stories or snaps anymore, which could raise suspicions.

However, if you decide to add them back after deleting them, the platform won’t send a specific notification to inform them of this action.

If You Block Someone On Snapchat, Will You Lose Your Best Friend?

When you block someone on Snapchat, you make it so they can’t talk to you or see what you post on the app.

But just because you block someone on Snapchat doesn’t mean you’ll lose your best friend.

Your best friend is a Snapchat tool that shows you the people you talk to the most on the app. Blocking someone won’t change this feature directly.

If you block your best friends on Snapchat, you might temporarily take them off your list of best friends because you won’t be able to talk to them as much.

But once you unblock them, your contacts with them will be seen again, and if you keep talking to them often, they might show up on your list of best friends again.

Whether or not blocking someone makes you lose a best friend depends on the nature of your friendship, why you blocked them, and how you and your friend decide to deal with the situation.

Communication is important in any relationship, so if you’re thinking about stopping someone, it’s a good idea to talk to them about how you feel and why you want to do it.


Conclusion: Yes, if you unfriend someone on Snapchat, you can maintain your streak as long as both parties continue sending snaps within 24 hours. However, if the other person stops sending snaps, the streak will end. Maintaining communication is vital for preserving streaks, but the algorithm’s intricacies may affect streak restoration after blocking and unblocking.

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