If You Block Someone Can They Still See Your Public Snap Story?

Have you ever wondered about if You block someone can they still see your public snap story? if yes then this page is for you.

In this article we will discuss Snapchat block setting If You block someone can they still see your public snap story?

What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat?

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When you block someone on Snapchat, several things occur. Firstly, the blocked user is removed from your friend’s list, and you’re removed from theirs.

Secondly, you can no longer send Snaps or messages to each other. Additionally, you won’t be able to view each other’s stories, even if they are set to “My Friends” or “Custom.”

If You Block Someone Can They Still See Your Public Snap Story?

Now, the crucial question arises: Can a blocked person see your public Snap Story? The answer is no. When you stop someone on Snapchat, it effectively cuts off all access to your content, including your public Snap Stories. They will not be able to view your stories, whether they are set to public or not.

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If You Block Someone On Snapchat Can They See Saved Photos?

When you block someone on Snapchat, they will no longer be able to send you Snaps or see your Stories. However, blocking someone does not automatically delete any saved photos or chats that you may have shared with them before blocking.

So, if you have saved photos in your chat with that person, those saved photos will still be visible to you, but the person you’ve blocked will not have access to them.

Does Blocking Someone On Snapchat Remove Saved Photos?

Blocking someone on Snapchat does not remove saved photos or chats from your device. If you have saved photos or chats in your conversation with someone and you block them, those saved photos and chats will still be present in your Snapchat chat history.

Blocking only restricts their ability to interact with you on Snapchat by preventing them from sending you new Snaps or seeing your Stories, but it does not delete any previously saved content.

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Can You See Saved Snaps After Unblocking Someone?

If you’ve saved Snaps or chats from someone on Snapchat and then later unblock them, you should still be able to see the saved content in your chat history with that person.

Unblocking someone on Snapchat does not delete the saved Snaps or chats; they remain in your conversation with that person, and you can access them as before.

Can I Still Message Someone Who Blocked Me On Snapchat?

No, you cannot send messages to someone who has blocked you on Snapchat. When you are blocked by another user, all forms of communication between you and that person on Snapchat are effectively severed.

This means you won’t be able to send them Snaps, Chats, or view their Stories until they choose to unblock you.

When You Block Someone On Snapchat Can They Still See Your Profile?

Blocking someone on Snapchat means they won’t have access to your profile, which includes your username, Bitmoji, and any updates you post on your Story.

This action effectively severs their ability to see or interact with your Snapchat account in any way. It ensures your privacy and prevents the blocked person from viewing your content or contacting you through the platform.

However, keep in mind that blocking doesn’t delete any saved messages or content shared before the block, so those may still be visible in your chat history even though the person can’t access your profile or send you new messages or Snaps.

Can You Still See Someone’s Location On Snap If They Blocked You?

No, if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, you will not be able to see their location on the Snap Map. The Snap Map feature is disabled for blocked users, and you won’t have access to their real-time location updates or their Bitmoji on the map.

Blocking Snapchat restricts all forms of interaction and access to a user’s content and location, ensuring their privacy and control over who can see their information.


1. Can a blocked person still send me Snaps?

No, blocking someone on Snapchat means you won’t receive any Snaps or messages from them.

2. Will unblocking someone make them see my previous Snap Stories?

No, unblocking someone will not grant them access to your previous Snap Stories. Only the Stories you post after unblocking will be visible to them.

3. Can a blocked person see my Best Friends list?

No, when you block someone, they cannot see your Best Friends list or other personal information.

4. How do I unblock someone on Snapchat?

To unblock someone on Snapchat, go to your settings, select “Blocked,” and find the person you want to unblock. Tap on their name and select “Unblock.”

5. Can I restrict only specific people from viewing my Snap Story?

No, Snapchat’s privacy settings for Snap Stories are binary – either all your friends can see it, or you can set it to “My Friends” (excluding specific individuals). There’s no way to create a custom list for Snap Stories.

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